ALO LANTIN is a writer, photographer, and conservationist with a heart for the environment and a penchant for distant travels and storytelling.

As Communications Officer of the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Philippines, Alo weaves words and images together to craft stories of conservation and community in far-flung communities across the country. From Pampanga to Zamboanga, Davao to Dumaguete, Alo has traveled from farm to sea to city to find the stories of agriculture and food security, of rural living and climate resilience, of hope and faith in tomorrow – the stories he believes need telling.

A desperate desire to preserve and share both the natural and human wonder of this world is what drives Alo in his work in the field. Aside from his work with WWF, he has written for outfits such as Rappler and ANC-X, and regularly gives environment talks to schools and businesses alike.

Alo is a graduate of the Ateneo de Manila University with two degrees in Communications Technology Management and Development Studies, with minors in Enterprise Development, Development Management and Sustainability. For his thesis, he explored the various ways in which Filipinos perceive ecotourism, and how those perceptions are realized in tourist sites across the country.

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